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Mrs. Amy Schneekloth

Physical Science (9) l credit

The first quarter will involve the study of motion, forces, and energy. These concepts will be related to heat, electromagnetism, physical changes in matter and chemical reactions throughout the remainder of the year. There is an empahsis on performing laboratory experiments, analyzing data and developing the mathematical relationships in science.   Click here for syllabus

Biology (10) l credit

This is a laboratory geared course focusing on the molecular approach to biological concepts affecting all living things. Topics of study include cell theory, genetics, plant anatomy and physiology, and a broad view of the plant and animal kingdom.

Anatomy & Physiology (11-12) l credit Pre-requisite: Biology

Includes the following areas of study: human anatomy and physiology.

Chemistry (11-12) l credit Alg II recommended, not required

In this course the concepts of mass, volume and energy are applied to physical and chemical changes through laboartory experiences and problem solving activities. Recommended for students who plan on going to trade school, technical college or a university who plan on careers in any science, teaching, engineering, environmental or medical field. In addition, credit from FVTC will be awared to students who complete this course, advanced chemistry and pass a comprehensize test.    Click here for syllabus

Physics (11-12) l credit Pre-requisite: Alg I, Geometry, Alg II & concurrent enrollment in Sr. Math recommended

In this course the concepts of motion, mechanics, heat & energy transfer, behavior of electrical charges, magnetic fields and electrical circuits will be addressed. This course is similar to Principles of Physics but the mathematics is more rigorous. The labs are less structured and some of the course content varies. Recommended for students who plan on going on to technical college or 4 yr. college and pursuing careers in engineering, physical therapy or other science related fields.   Click here for syllabus

Ecology (11-12) 1 credit Pre-requisite: Biology

This course is geared toward students who plan to go to college or technical school. It involves the study of our environment - physical factors, symbiotic relationships, water quality, soil quality, pollution, skills of investigation.
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