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Hilbert High School
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Hilbert (formerly Hilbert Junction) was originally established in 1873 through the efforts of Guido Pfister and H.N. Smith, both important entrepreneurs from Milwaukee. Named after H. J. Hilbert (Chief Engineer for the Milwaukee & Northern Railroad), the town was a stopping point for the M&N Railroad as it wound its way through towns from Milwaukee to Green Bay. Hilbert became an import and export point for local farmers, and prospered because of the commerce generated by access to the railroad. Hilbert has never been a large town. The current population is about 1100.

The Hilbert School District is a small rural school district located in Calumet County, about 14 miles southeast of Appleton and 30 miles south of Green Bay. In area it encompasses about 100 square miles and is only approximately 10 miles across at its farthest limits. It borders Lake Winnebago on its western edge and includes the villages of Hilbert, Potter, and the far southern edge of the village of Sherwood. High Cliff State Park is located on the western side of the school district and the Brillion State Wildlife Refuge occupies a significant portion of the area along the northeastern and east border of the district. Hilbert has 1100 residences, Potter approximately 300, and Sherwood approximately 2250 residences, but only about 300 of the latter reside within the Hilbert School District.

Railroad Station

The ethnic makeup of the district is predominantly German (80%) with the second largest consisting of Dutch, English, Irish, and Polish, which together constitute about 11% of the population.

The communities in the Hilbert School District depend to a great extent on agriculture with dairy cattle being the most dominant agri-business. At one time the area was famous for its cheese production, but the economy has become much more diversified in recent years. Currently industry is the largest employer (36%) with many individuals commuting to the Fox River Valley cities or Green Bay to work at various companies. Agriculture is the second largest employer providing work for approximately 18% of the district's population. The third largest employer is retail business followed by professional and related services, and construction.

Water Tower

Looking West on Main Street

Hilbert School District

Churches play a very important part of community life. The communities in the Hilbert School District are served by three Catholic Churche: St. Mary's in Hilbert, Sacred Heart in Sherwood, and St. John's in St. John's. There are also three Lutheran Churches in the school district: St. Peter's in Hilbert, Trinity in Potter, and St. Luke's in rural Hilbert. In addition, there is Peace United Church of Christ in Potter.

St Mary's Church

St. Peters's Elementary

Village Center Mall

Village park

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Communtiy Center

Main Street again

One of many local farms