Deb Seidl

POSITION AT HILBERT: Vocal Music Director. I teach elementary students (K-4), Grades 5 and 6 music, Middle School Chorus, General Music, Musical Theatre, and High School Chorus. I also am one of the directors of the spring musical

HOMETOWN: Born and raised in Merrill, WI. Iíve also lived in Green Bay, Shawano, Appleton, and currently reside in Fond du Lac.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Merrill High School and UW-Green Bay with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education.

FAMILY: Iím married to Dan Seidl (originally from Hilbert). We have a golden retriever named ĎBanjoí.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Theatre, Reading, Traveling, Spending time with family and friends.

Why I BECAME A TEACHER : Way back in Elementary School I always answered ĎA Teacherí when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. As I got more involved in music (I was a flute player in band and took piano lessons) I decided to be a music teacher. Itís wonderful to see how music impacts the lives of my students. Iím fortunate to be able to work with students from kindergarten all the way through high school.

ANOTHER THING TO SHARE: Iím SO excited to have my own choir room!

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